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Rental Terms and Conditions
The undersigned renter agrees to the following terms and conditions, between the renter 
and Baby Stay Rentals LLC.
The rented item(s) will at all times remain the property of Baby Stay Rentals LLC. Full 
right, title and ownership of the equipment will be retained at all times with Baby Stay 
Rentals LLC.
Rental Period
The rental period will begin and end on the dates and times in the written rental contract. 
It is the renter’s responsibility to request any changes or extensions to the rental contract 
and inform Baby Stay Rentals LLC as soon as possible. This can be done by a phone 
call or email. Authorization for any changes to the rental period requested by the renter 
may be made verbally or in writing to Baby Stay Rentals LLC. Extensions of the rental 
contract may result in additional charges to the renter. In the event you, the renter may 
need to return the item(s) early, no credit or refund will be given for the unused days.
Inspection of item(s)
Upon delivery the renter has examined the rental item(s) and has found that all items are 
in good working condition. The renter also agrees to return all items in the same 
condition as received (with the exception of normal wear and tear). Baby Stay Rentals 
LLC must be notified within 24 hours of the first day of rental, if the item(s) are not to the 
customer’s satisfaction. If notified within 24 hours a replacement can be issued. Baby 
Stay Rentals LLC will not issue any refunds/discounts due to customer dissatisfaction.
Use of Equipment
Renter agrees to follow any and all manufacturer directions, warnings and guidelines for 
the item(s) rented. This includes any and all safety recommendations given by the 
manufacturer. The renter also agrees not to exceed weight or other limits recommended 
by the manufacturer. Renter acknowledges when they have accepted the rented item(s) 
it is their responsibility to keep the child safe. Baby Stay Rentals LLC will provide any 
applicable manufacturer instruction manual(s) to the renter. Baby Stay Rentals LLC will 
offer to demonstrate the steps to set up and take down items if renter so chooses. The 
rented items may come with special instructions. It is the renter’s responsibility to make 
sure to read and follow these instructions. Renter is liable for any misuse of equipment. 
In the event of a mishap, the renter agrees to accept full responsibility and shall not hold 
Baby Stay Rentals LLC liable for any claims or actions arising there from. In no
event will Baby Stay Rentals be held liable for damages, loss or injury (including death) 
caused by or arising out of the use of equipment provided by Baby Stay Rentals LLC or 
the failure of the equipment to function as intended. Baby Stay Rentals LLC will not be 
responsible for attorney’s fees arising from any actions stated above, under no 
Cribs, Baby Gates and Car Seats
Baby Stay rentals will assemble full size cribs at delivery. The cribs are assembled 
onsite and are not to be moved to another room without permission from Baby Stay 
Rentals LLC. Renter agrees not to disassemble and move the crib from its original 
location. Damage may be caused by moving the crib and additional charges maybe 
incurred. Safety gates are not intended for use at the top of the stairs. All safety gates 
are to be used at the BOTTOM of the stairs ONLY, unless professionally installed. Baby 
Stay Rentals LLC cannot install car seats. Car seats are to be installed by the renter 
only.  Instructions for installation of car seats are contained in the manual attached to the 
car seat. Proper installation videos may also be found on the internet.
The renter is responsible for notifying Baby Stay Rentals LLC within 24 hours of any 
accident or incident with our rented car seat. The Renter is responsible for reporting any 
issues they have with car seats or any other rented items. The safety of others is at 
stake. We greatly appreciate your cooperation with this policy. 
The Renter agrees to return all items rented in as good a condition as when the renter 
received the items. If the renter returns any of the items in a damaged or destroyed 
state, Baby Stay Rentals LLC reserves the right to charge additional fees. Rental items 
returned with parts missing or broken pieces/parts will also be charged additional fees. If 
the item(s) are returned partially damaged yet repairable, Baby Stay Rentals LLC 
reserves the right to charge the cost of repair to the credit card on file and the renter 
hereby authorizes such charges(s). If the item(s) returned are in irreparable condition, 
the renter will be obligated to purchase the item(s) and will be charged the replacement 
costs plus any related shipping charges, in addition to charges incurred for the rental 
perios. This does not apply to ordinary wear and tear on rental item(s). 
Cleaning Fees
Baby Stay Rentals LLC takes pride in delivering clean and sanitized baby rental items. 
There will be a minimum $25 additional charge for any item(s) returned exceptionally 
dirty or if they require sterilization or special cleaning/handling. This includes and is not 
limited to excessive dirt, food, pet hair, and/or other debis. All cleaning fees are 
nonrefundable and will be charged to the credit card on file within 24 hours of the 
equipment being returned. Renter hereby authorizes such charges. 
Smoking, whether it be cigarette, cigar, marijuana, etc, is strictly prohibited around any 
rented item(s). Any rented item(s) that are returned with an odor of smoke, whether it be 
cigarette, cigar, marijuana, etc, are subject to an additional cleaning fee and/or 
replacement cost for each damaged item. 
Missing, Lost or Stolen Equipment
Any item(s) not returned to Baby Stay Rentals LLC by the renter for any such reason at 
the end of the rental contract will be charged the cost to replace the item(s). In addition 
charges may incur for the rental period. If necessary, Baby Stay Rentals LLC reserves 
the right to charge the renters credit card on file for these fees. 
Cancellation Policy
We understand that there are circumstances that may come up and the renter may need 
to cancel. You can cancel an order at anytime, prior to delivery. Please understand that 
within 48 hours of the delivery date you will be charged 50% of the order. If you cancel 
prior to the 48 hours you will be charged a $10.00 processing fee.
Delivery charges range from $25.00-$45.00 depending on the delivery location. Baby 
Stay Rentals LLC offers 2-3 hour delivery windows for all deliveries and pickups of rental 
items. It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure someone is at the delivery location during 
selected window for delivery. For any return trips, which are not the fault of Baby Stay 
Rentals LLC, additional fees may be charged.
The undersigned has read and agrees to the above contract and the action of accepting 
the rented item(s) constitutes as a legal, binding agreement of the above contract.